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rails masterclass module 1
 Rails Architect MasterClass
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rails masterclass module 2
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 Normally, the Course can only be purchased 1 time a year!
rails masterclass module 3
Blogging for Busy Programmers 
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rails course module 4
“Async Remote”
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rails course module 5
Rails TDD Video class
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rails course module 5
Domain-Driven Rails Video Course
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rails course module 5
React for backend developers
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Rails Architect Master Class Course
The course is designed for Rails programmers who want to improve their architecture/design skills. If you've had enough being CRUD-driven and believe there's a better way, you're in the right place. 

You probably have worked on several Rails apps already so you know that after the first month, working on a Rails codebase is not much fun anymore. Rails allows us to start quickly, impress our clients in the first 2 weeks, but later things are less happy.

Big and ugly controllers.
Big and complicated ActiveRecord objects.
Slow builds.
Complicated test scenarios.
Subtle bugs related to callbacks, STI and/or autosave.

Does it ring a bell?

After years of research and many experiments, Arkency believes we’ve found a better way. Rails is a fantastic fit for other architectural patterns that create lasting business value and great developer experiences. We've used those patterns in our client projects (often handing millions of dollars through our client project apps) and we can't imagine working without those patterns.

CQRS allows to build the application architecture around so called writes and reads, simplifying 80% of Rails codebases immediately.
DDD allows us to reflect the business rules in domain code, without worrying about persistence, http or json.
Event sourcing is a much better persistence mechanism than the typical ActiveRecord - we don't lose any history!

Anti IF Course
This course is for all programmers who care about code quality.
Regardless if you're a JS dev or Java or C# or Ruby - we all struggle with the same thing - IF monsters.
Learn how to kill all the big and ugly IF statements in your codebase. A practical training, based on real code examples, typical to real-world projects.
Become the If-conqueror in your project!
This course is language-agnostic. Many examples will be with Ruby, but it's not language-specific and will be readable to everyone.
For juniors:
- learn how to avoid if/else and what to use instead
- learn how to refactor existing if/else
- live calls with like-minded people
- pass the homeworks
- ask questions
For seniors:
- enrich your toolbox with more advanced techniques
- Transformation Priority Premise, Mutation Testing, Monads, Aggregates, Process Managers, DDD
- learn how to teach juniors what to replace IFs with
- access the community of like-minded people
- consult how to refactor more complex IFs from your project
Blogging for Busy Programmers Course
Do you remember how you decided to blog more? Was it 2 years ago? 3 years ago?
Look at your blog now.
What has gone wrong?
You decided that all the existing blog engines suck and went to implement your own? The ultimate blogging engine, everyone will use, right?
Or maybe “the life thing” caught you and THERE IS NO TIME.
“Time constraints”
Blogging takes time away from your other interests.
It takes time, research and you don’t like it?
“I simply don’t have time”
“Lack of time”
What if you look at your blog in 1 year from now and there would be 20 blog posts?
How would you feel if people tweet a link to your blog adding “must read”?
Would it be nice to be recognised as an expert in your technology?
How would you feel if people wrote emails to you thanking you for sharing your knowledge?
What if your resumé consisted of just 1 line? An URL to your blog?
How would you feel if publishers contacted you about writing books?
What would it be like if conference organisers contacted you about speaking as a recognisable blogger?
What if I tell you it’s possible to blog and not sacrifice your family time?
I started blogging in 2006 and since then I blogged >150 times, I started writing books. It opened me to start a company, find great clients, find great people to work with. It all started from blogging.

This course “Blogging for Busy Programmers” is the essence of my blogging experience. You will find many techniques to save time while blogging, including time-boxing, starting from the middle, keeping your English correct enough.
You will learn about different types of blog posts.

“Async Remote” Book
What’s in the book?
How to provide business value to customers and be able to learn new things at work. Can you start learning frontend when you are a backend developer, or the other way around?

Small stories. What’s their value and what kind of problems do they solve?

How to deal with positive and negative risks that affect IT projects so that people are always working on the most important task right now?

The rule that makes programmers more effective at selecting next tasks.
Developers talking to clients and creating tickets. Truly collaborative nature of work.
The life without Project Managers. Can it exist? How can developers become more independent?
Over-communication. Why do you need to communicate differently when working remotely?
Continuous deployment. Step by step guidance.
Green Build. Must be.
Screencasts, as a way to share knowledge in-company.
Communication tools, especially for remote workers.
Async Standups - how to.
And much more…

This book is for…

…Software developers

Are you tired of working in the same area of code and the same feature for a long time? Days or sometimes even weeks? Feeling disconnected from other team members? That’s a sign that something needs to change.
We will show you how small changes in the process that you can push for, can help you deal with those struggles. Working on your project should not be stressful.

You can deliver something valuable even twice a day and be proud of it.
Let’s face it. Lack of self-growth is boring. Professionals invest in their skills. When we learn at home, we don’t spend time with our family and diminish our hobby. We want to learn at work.
Is it possible?
Yes! But we need a workflow which will embrace that fact. It needs to give us a chance to work on the parts of the code, that we are not most skilled at. Back-end developers can help by doing front-end related tasks.

And vice versa. They just need to get a chance.
Confusion in this area costs the project’s money and client’s happiness. We prefer clarity. But we are often not so sure about current priorities. We would like to work on tasks that are most important right now and deliver the biggest value to the client.


We will help you manage the priorities on a daily basis. You will be able to navigate between upcoming problems and occurring opportunities quicker.
We provide a recipe for dealing with huge tasks. How can a team approach it, when having all team members working on a big, new task.

We will teach you how to have a low barrier for developers to enter the project. They will be more mobile across different projects that your company is working on. We show how to cut the risk that the project faces when one of the developers gets sick or is going to leave the team.

… Both

The whole point of the book is to make everyone autonomous.
They need to be able to figure out the priorities on their own.
Managers aren’t only here to babysit developers and make sure they have anything to do.
They need to work with developers, not in subordinate-superior structure. They should be an equal partner in a team structure.
Managers will find out how to deal with huge tasks.

They can work together with developers in a process of priority and tasks management. And often, they won’t be a need for the project to go on.

Programmers will be happy with more variety in work. Our methods reduce the bus factor. It is easier to introduce a new developer to a team.
And above it all, there is our starting point - a remote and asynchronous workplace. You don’t need to be in an office in a fixed hours. You can spend time with your family in the afternoon and work in more loose hours.

Rails TDD Video class
Hands-on Ruby, TDD, DDD - a simulation of a real project

Other things, like DDD and mutant are also crucial. We don’t want to show the only one and true way. We are going to present more techniques over time. Think of this class as a TV series, which is easy to consume in short episodes every day.

What you'll learn:

- Domain Crunching
- Application Layer
- Domain Layer
- mutation testing
- code coverage
- documenting the domain knowledge
- building a web app for an existing functionality
- RubyMine tricks
- hiding your implementation details with private_constant
- getting rid of primitive obsession

Domain-Driven Rails Video Course
Domain-Driven Rails Video Course contains all the presentations and material we teach during our workshops.

8 videos about Domain Driven Design in Rails

React for backend developers
Say hello to React.js!

It’s possible to rely on the work of one of the biggest players on the market - Facebook. 
There are more - Netflix, Airbnb, Yahoo!

It’s possible to use the new version of JavaScript - called ECMAScript 2015.
It comes with major syntax improvements, class syntax and more.
And you’ll get a ton of support from people using it today in production builds - it’s the default for them.
And you can use it today - it’ll work in your browser thanks to transpilers.

It’s possible to learn a technology you need in a matter of hours, not weeks. 
I built my first production UI in React in 7 hours, without the previous experience in this technology.

It’s possible to use focused tools - React takes care of only the view layer.
Use what works best for your other frontend concerns - like AJAX calls, models and so on.

It’s possible to use functional approach in your codebase,
making features in a faster and more reliable way - without resorting to functional languages like ClojureScript.
JavaScript is good enough to provide a lot useful functional idioms that are easy to grasp and makes you more productive.

The best way to learn React.js (+ES6) is to learn from people who are already experienced. 
The course contains several example UI widgets - each of them makes a level.
Each lesson shows a way thinking of the developer who created the example code. 
This course package contains codebases for most of the examples. 
They are all ready to run and experiment with.

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Billed monthly, no set up fee.

    Also, you can choose the option for 1 year or if you work with the team, monthly access for up to 15 people.
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    👉 Domain-Driven Rails Video Course
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    If I work with a different programming language than RUBY, is Arkademy for me as well?
    Yes! The resources available on Arkademy may be based on Ruby (which we think is the best programming language in the world;)), but don’t worry: you can apply the solutions presented as part of e.g. the ANTI IF and Blogging for Busy Programmers Courses and the “Async Remote” Book in your projects. The Rails Architect Masterclass is maybe 10% Rails related but in a way that is also relevant to other technologies, like Django, Spring, Laravel etc.
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    What our students say about learning with us?
    Rails Architect MasterClass testimonial
    Rails Architect MasterClass testimonial
    Rails Architect MasterClass testimonial
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    About Arkency
    Our teachers has thousands of hours of expertise. We started working with Rails in early 2007 and we’re advocating this technology since this date. We work with legacy projects, as well as demanding projects which needs a lot of domain crunching and sophisticated features. We help in growing big and advanced applications as well as planning and creating startups. 

    During Rails Architect MasterClass you will learn everything about: DDD, Backend Architecture, UI Architecture Styles and Testing.

    We're trustworthy developers.
    Andrzej Krzywda
    Andrzej Krzywda
    CEO Arkency
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